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Select Insurance Agency: Commercial Liability Insurance for Landscapers & Lawn Care Companies

If you own a landscape company or a lawn maintenance company, you have worked hard for what you have. You need to carry lawn maintenance general liability insurance to make sure that you preserve your hard-earned resources. This business can be quite profitable, but at the same time, there is a lot of inherent liability. There will be company vehicles on the roadways at all times, and accidents can and do happen. This is one of the reasons why landscaping business insurance is important, but there are many others. Clearly, people who do landscaping work are going to be working with equipment that is potentially dangerous. Plus, damage to properties that you are working on could intentionally enter the picture. When you have comprehensive landscaper package insurance coverage, you can go forward with peace of mind every step of the way.

We Make It Easy!

When you are developing your landscaping or lawn maintenance business, you're going to be focused on the task at hand. You are an expert at what you do, but you probably don't know a lot about landscape company insurance, and this is understandable. Many people fail to take action because they don't have enough information. Others make uninformed decisions, and they find out that they don't have the appropriate coverage later on when something happens. Here at Select Insurance Agency, we make it easy to obtain the lawn maintenance general liability insurance that you need to protect yourself. Our landscape business insurance agents have a great deal of experience working with this specific type of coverage. They can gain an understanding of your business, explain all of your options to you, and guide you toward the policy that is right for you. Plus, we have the ability to get you the best possible landscaping insurance coverage at the lowest possible price.

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If you are interested in commercial liability insurance for landscapers, Select Insurance Agency is standing by to assist you. We have a thorough understanding of the lawn maintenance general liability insurance options that are available. When you work with us, your landscaping insurance will be tailor-made to suit your landscaping or lawn maintenance business. Give us a call right now at 888-542-9002 to set the wheels in motion.


Coverage Details

  1. General and professional liability
  2. Excess and umbrella coverage
  3. Commercial property and equipment floaters
  4. Workers' Compensation
  5. Business Automobile coverage