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  • Pest Control Package Insurance

    Customized Pest Control Insurance

    With more than 5,000 pest control operator accounts, the team at Select Insurance is the market leader of this specialized industry.

  • Pest Control Insurance

    Auto Pollution Coverage

    Protecting your vehicles.

  • Pest Management Insurance

    Canine Mortality

    Extensive property coverage that includes bed bug dogs.

  • Pest Control Package Insurance

    Broad Form Endorsement Included

    Protection when you're on job site, coverages including advertising and personal injury, non-owned water and fire liabilities.

Specialized Insurance Coverage for Pest Control Operators & Wildlife Control

With more than 5,000 pest control operator accounts, the team at Select is accustomed to assessing unique risks and exposures of this specialized industry. In fact, both Phillis and Frank MacDonald, Select's owners, are former pest control professionals, and they "speak the language of PMPs", according to Frank.

Every management professional operates his or her business differently, resulting in a variety of exposures and risks. Select considers each business individually before developing a pest control liability insurance program and assigning a carrier.

The pest control insurance policies offered through Select is coverage written on an occurrence basis by an "A" rated carrier (excellent), as evaluated by A.M. Best.

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Pest Control Package Insurance

Coverage Highlights:

  1. Broad Form Endorsement Automatically Included
    • Advertising Injury
    • Incidental Medical Malpractice
    • Limited Worldwide Liability
    • Fire Legal Liability
    • Host Liquor Liability
    • Non-Owned Water Craft
    • Employees as Additional Insureds
    • Personal Injury Liability
    • Premisses Medical Payments
  2. Exterminator Liability Coverages (Care, Custody & Control to Full Policy Limit)
  3. Pollution Liability Coverage Including Cleanup
  4. Automobile Transit Pollution Coverage (Full Policy Limit)
  5. Pest Inspection Damage Liability Coverage (WDI)
  6. Blanket Additional Insured - (As Required by Written Contract)
  7. Lost Key Coverage- $50,000 per occurrence/$50,000 aggregate
  8. Sudden and Accidental Pollution - (Full Policy Limit)

Proud Member of

Select Insurance Agency is a proud member of the National Pest Control Association, and maintains membership affiliations with many state and regional pest control associations as well.


Select Insurance Agency has worked with chemical manufacturers and the insurance marketplace to create a $1,000,000 Microbial Matter Policy. The policy is from a top-rated carrier and provides mold, mildew, and bacteria coverage for the operations of mold prevention, mold remediation, and mold clean-up.