Landscape contractors insurance, landscaping insurance

Landscape contractors insurance to help protect your valuable business

As a landscaper, you face unique risks and that is why you need special insurance tailored to your business. Select Agency has the right solution for you and it is called landscape contractors insurance. They have been providing commercial insurance solutions for many years and they understand the risks and problems landscapers face on a daily basis. They also deal with carriers that specialize in business insurance and in particular, landscaper’s insurance.

A landscape contractor’s insurance should include liability coverage, surety bonds, commercial auto, property insurance, equipment insurance, professional indemnity, workers comp and lawn care insurance. This means you get comprehensive coverage for your business from 3rd party insurance to equipment protection, from personal risk to health protection.

Liability or 3rd party cover is an important part of any landscape contractor’s insurance. There are many things that can go wrong and if a client sues you for injury or damage, you could lose your business – unless you are protected by the right liability insurance.

As a landscaper, you have similar risks to a builder, especially on large projects. Some projects may require a bond of some sort to cover all parties involved. You can get the right surety bond as part of you landscaper insurance. A surety bond will provide the customer as well as sub-contractors with the assurance that the project will be completed, one way or the other,

As a landscaper, you are often on the road driving from one property to another. This increases the risk of a road incident. Apart from legal requirements, you should carry sufficient auto and collision coverage,

Your equipment is valuable you need to insure yourself against possible damage or loss. Since you are acting as a professional you don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable to professional liability claims.

A landscaper’s work can be dangerous and workmen’s compensation is a good idea. As you can see there are many components to landscape contractor’s insurance. With the help of a professional agency such as select, you can get the business insurance that is right for you.