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Lawn care insurance quotes from a specialist agency

Lawn care insurance quotes from a specialist agency

If you need lawn care insurance quotes, then the Select Agency can help. It makes sense to protect your garden services and landscaping business with proper insurance. Lawn care insurance provides you with important coverage and is a key component of landscaper package insurance. Lawn care insurance quotes from the Select Agency can help you get the right cover at the right price. They have access to several plans from major carriers as well as specialist carriers nationwide.

One the main components of lawn care insurance quotes is liability cover. This type of cover will protect you should a third party, customer or a worker sue you for damage, loss or injury. There are many real and present dangers and risks involved in the landscaping business. You constantly have vehicles on the road. So, commercial auto and related liability insurance becomes an important aspect of landscaper insurance.

As a landscaper, you also use and work with dangerous equipment. Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen. A serious accident can put you out of business if you don’t have the right insurance coverage. There are many options when it comes to lawn care insurance landscaper’s insurance and related third party coverage. Lawn care insurance quotes from the Select Agency can connect you with the right carriers and the right insurance plan.

You can get comparative quotes for liability insurance, property insurance, business insurance, business interruption insurance, loss of income and many other business and commercial related risks and consequences.

As a landscaper, you provide specialist services. It makes sense then to get specialist insurance from a specialist agency. You should get specialist insurance from an agency that has been around a long time and who knows and understands your type of business. That way you can be confident that you will have the coverage you need at a price that is competitive and affordable.

Liability insurance lawn care business from a specialist agency

Liability insurance lawn care business from a specialist agency


One of the biggest risks a landscaper faces is that of 3rd party claims. That is why liability insurance lawn care business is an important financial strategy to help protect your business when things go wrong.  And in the landscaping and lawn care business there are many things that can go wrong.


As a landscaper, you have vehicles on the road and you use specialised and sometime dangerous equipment. Having vehicles on the road carries its own risks. You need vehicles to drive from property to property, from office to customers, from office to suppliers and so on.  A road accident can have serious financial consequences.  It can result in third party liability claims, worker compensation claims, property damage, business interruption and related loss of income.


Since vehicles are an important asset in a landscaping business you need customized commercial auto insurance. This type of insurance will cover vehicles such as pickup trucks, dump trucks vans, trailers and more. Not only will custom auto insurance cover your liabilities but also your assets and property.


Auto liability insurance lawn care business should be a key part of your commercial insurance. Apart from road accidents, landscaping accidents can also result in injury, damage and loss. Property damage includes 3rd party damages as well as your own. However, liability insurance will only cover third parties. You need specific insurance to cover your own damages.

You need a landscaping insurance package that includes liability insurance lawn care business, property insurance, worker’s compensation, personal injury protection and business interruption insurance. That is the type of insurance you will get from the Select Agency. They specialise in landscaper’s insurance and liability insurance lawn care business. They will connect you with right plan from an appropriate carrier.


lawn business insurance, lawn care liability insurance

Lawn business insurance to cover your real risks

A lawn care business as specific and real risks and it make sense to protect your financial interests should any of these risks decide to pay a visit. The Select Agency specializes in lawn business insurance and they can help you with the right coverage and plans.

The first important thing you need to protect yourself against is claims or lawsuits from disgruntled or unhappy customers. This type of insurance is called liability insurance and will cover you in the event of 3rd party claims. Third party claims can be massive and crippling so it’s not worth the risk of not having 3rd party insurance. In the same light, you might face professional indemnity claims and indemnity cover can protect you against professional liability claims.

Another important component of lawn business insurance is commercial auto. You are on the road a lot and the risk of a road accident is real. You need to cover your vehicles against collision damage and theft. Your workers often do dangerous work and accidents can and do happen. Workmen compensation is an important part of any business insurance where workers are involved. There are also legal requirements when it comes to auto insurance and workmen comp.

Your lawn business insurance should also include equipment insurance. If you own commercial premises, then property insurance is essential.

When you way the risks, you will see that business insurance is not expensive. Still you don’t want to pay more than you should. That is why it’s good to get different quotes and to consult with an insurance specialist. An independent agent will get quotes from different carriers and help you find the right lawn business insurance. Insurance is a competitive business and your agent can help you find the best deal.

Once you have the right business insurance you should set it to renew automatically. The last thing you want is a situation where you forget to renew and you lose your coverage.



Landscape contractors insurance, landscaping insurance

Landscape contractors insurance to help protect your valuable business

As a landscaper, you face unique risks and that is why you need special insurance tailored to your business. Select Agency has the right solution for you and it is called landscape contractors insurance. They have been providing commercial insurance solutions for many years and they understand the risks and problems landscapers face on a daily basis. They also deal with carriers that specialize in business insurance and in particular, landscaper’s insurance.

A landscape contractor’s insurance should include liability coverage, surety bonds, commercial auto, property insurance, equipment insurance, professional indemnity, workers comp and lawn care insurance. This means you get comprehensive coverage for your business from 3rd party insurance to equipment protection, from personal risk to health protection.

Liability or 3rd party cover is an important part of any landscape contractor’s insurance. There are many things that can go wrong and if a client sues you for injury or damage, you could lose your business – unless you are protected by the right liability insurance.

As a landscaper, you have similar risks to a builder, especially on large projects. Some projects may require a bond of some sort to cover all parties involved. You can get the right surety bond as part of you landscaper insurance. A surety bond will provide the customer as well as sub-contractors with the assurance that the project will be completed, one way or the other,

As a landscaper, you are often on the road driving from one property to another. This increases the risk of a road incident. Apart from legal requirements, you should carry sufficient auto and collision coverage,

Your equipment is valuable you need to insure yourself against possible damage or loss. Since you are acting as a professional you don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable to professional liability claims.

A landscaper’s work can be dangerous and workmen’s compensation is a good idea. As you can see there are many components to landscape contractor’s insurance. With the help of a professional agency such as select, you can get the business insurance that is right for you.



Landscaper equipment insurance and liability insurance

The significance of having a landscaper insurance

Landscaping is a good area of business, especially for people that adore the outdoors as well as possess an entrepreneurial spirit. Once the right reputation is garnered a landscaping company indeed can develop from a single person business into a couple of employees shortly. Several steps should be undertaken to establish the landscaping business properly of which having a landscaper insurance from a reputable company tops the list. We at Select Agency offer landscapers with a wide range of insurance coverage to suit their distinct needs.

Why it is important to have the right insurance coverage for a landscaper?

As unexpected things can take place within a landscaping business so being insured is vital. Below are some examples,

  • The irrigation system which you installed, leaks as well as floods the basement
  • An employee in your company damages the sprinkler system
  • You are sued by a client, creating legal fees
  • A rock from the weed whacker flies resulting in the breakage of a window
  • Any client trips over an equipment or a hole and is not able to work for some time due to injuries

Your promotions and advertisements will create a statement when it comes to your professionalism, especially when you promote your business as being insured. To hire a business that is completely insured will make clients feel secure. There are a lot of things which can go wrong at the time of operating any landscaping business. Via having the right liability coverage both your clients and your business can share a professional and confident relationship. Above all, if anything uncertain happens, it can be handled nicely without causing any fatal financial cost to your business. To know more about our services, please feel free to get in touch with us through phone or chat.

Insurance policies for landscapers, lawn care business

Valuable facts about commercial liability insurance for landscapers

If you are the owner of a lawn maintenance or landscape company, it is quite natural that you have worked really hard to achieve this. And for preserving this hard-earned resource having a commercial liability insurance for landscapers is a must. If you are in need of such insurance plans, then call us at Select Agency right away. It will cover all forms of damages thereby offering you complete peace of mind. We offer different forms of packages so you can choose one that fits your needs best.

The Select Agency Difference

Our landscaper liability insurance will cover the following,

  • Property damage- this will include damage to either third-party or public property which has been caused by you the owner or your employees
  • Completed operations/products- this will cover completed work or any products which your company sells
  • Bodily injury- it will cover bodily injury or even death to third parties caused either by you or the employees in your company
  • Advertising injury- it will cover you should your advertising cause harm when it comes to others reputation which includes false claims, libel and slander regarding business opponents in your advertising

When you join hands with us you can easily obtain the landscapers liability insurance plan which you require for protecting yourself. The insurance agents possess the needed experience and expertise in this form of coverage. The best part is they will understand your business thoroughly, explain to you regarding the different choices available and also help you choose the right policy. The icing on the cake is we will offer you the best coverage at an affordable price. To know more give us a call or write us a mail. We look forward to help you in the best way possible. Above all we offer tailor made solutions to cater your lawn maintenance or landscaping business.


Wildlife control insurance for your pest control business

Wildlife control insurance for pest control professionals

A wildlife and pest control business faces numerous risks and having appropriate insurance to cover these unique risks makes financial sense. Wildlife control insurance is just that type of insurance and is available from the Select Insurance Agency. When you need proper financial protection against liability claims related to your pest control business then you need wildlife control insurance.

A wildlife control insurance policy should cover a number of risk areas including general liability, errors & omissions, exterminator’s liability, umbrella coverage, pollution coverage, pest inspection damage coverage as well as general business coverage.

If you provide one or more of the following services, you need wildlife control insurance.

  • Pest control
  • Critter removal
  • Pest inspection
  • Commercial pest treatment
  • Residential pest treatments
  • Wildlife removal

As a pest control professional you need to work with chemicals, apply special treatments such as fogging, use bait stations, apply spot treatments, apply lawn treatments, close entry points and so on. All these actions carry risks and the risk of damages, claims and losses are real.

In addition, as a business owner you should also have general business insurance coverage that includes property insurance, mobile equipment insurance, business owner’s insurance, workmen’s compensation, commercial auto, professional indemnity.

When looking for wildlife control insurance you want to deal with an agent that has experience and knowledge in the pest control niche. Here one tends to thinks of family owned and operated agency such as Select Insurance that has decades of experience in the pest control business. They understand the risks and the requirements of the various professionals in this challenging field.

They will find the right wildlife control insurance coverage for you and your business. This way you can have peace of mind that your business you have worked at so long and so hard is financially protected against certain every day risks as well as industry specific risks.










Landscaping insurance and lawn care business insurance 

There are many aspects to landscaping insurance

Landscaping has its own unique risks and hence its own insurance solutions. Select Agency can help with affordable and effective landscaping insurance. First and foremost, landscaping insurance will cover your liabilities. Accidents can happen and often do happen in landscaping work. If in the line of your work your company accidently or negligently causes damage to a client’s property, you will be covered for claims related to such damages. If one of your workers gets injured there will also be financial consequences.

As a landscaper you need to travel from property to property, from one location to another. This means your vehicles are on the road a lot. For that you need adequate commercial auto insurance. In addition, you cart valuable equipment around and it makes sense to insure your equipment, tools and moveable items as well. You also need to cover your workers and employees with adequate workmen’s compensation.

Like any other business you face the possibility of business interruption. Business interruption means loss of income. You will want to protect your financial interests in the event that circumstances beyond your control result in serious business interruption.

As a landscaper you will likely need some form of surety insurance similar to builder’s insurance. This adds to your credibility and also protects you, your sub-contractors and your customers in the event that you are unable to complete a specific project.

Since you assume the role of a professional it makes sense to consider professional indemnity insurance. There are many things that can go wrong and the possibility of being sued in a professional capacity is always a risk. Other than that, normal coverage in the event of a fire, theft and other general risks should be included in your commercial insurance.

In short landscaping insurance will protect your business for specific and general risks that you face on a daily basis.


Insurance for exterminators and landscapers

Why insurance for exterminators is a must?

Pest control businesses and services are presented with innumerable risk exposures. Along with being held responsible to eliminate any prospective pest infestations you will also be liable for any apartment or home damages that is caused by your equipment, crew or the chemicals used. Relax, help is at hand. We at Select Agency offer customizable and affordable insurance for exterminators. Our insurance plans will offer excellent protection for countless maintenance service businesses. It will provide you the ability of combining broad property, umbrella coverage, workers compensation, bonds, commercial auto and liability with low preferred process. We offer services both to residential and commercial customers. An exterminator or fumigator’s role is in determining the pest type and an examination method that is the most effective and will cause customers minimal disruption. As they play such a crucial role it is important for them to have the right insurance for best results.

What will our insurance plans cover?

At Select Agency we are pleased in offering different forms of insurance plans for exterminators. Our plans include and can cover the following namely,

  • Inspectors, fumigators and exterminators (termites, lawn and GHP)
  • Low cost professional and general liability w/any pesticide pollution
  • Dry wood and subterranean termites- monitor/treatment/renewals
  • Commercial auto, property, workers and inland marine compensation
  • Insurance certificates on demand accessible 24/7
  • Extended property damage plan

No matter you specialize in the usual house-hold pest elimination, termite removal, lawn spraying, or indoor fumigation we can provide you with the best insurance plan without burning a hole in the pocket. To know about our insurance plans give us a call right away. You can even visit our office or drop us a mail. We are available 24/7 to take care of your needs. What are you waiting for? Book an appointment right away.


Commercial liability insurance for landscapers

The importance of commercial liability insurance for landscapers

Keywords-commercial liability insurance for landscapers, commercial liability for lawn care companies

If you are dealing with a business related to lawn care or are planning to start it, then you will require the basic business insurance plans for guarding against errors, accidental property damage along with lawsuits as well as worker’s compensation insurance should you employ more individuals than merely yourself. In fact, this will be a vital aspect to formulate your business plan because it will provide your customers the peace of mind learning that they will definitely be compensated should you cause loss or damage unwittingly to their land or should they feel that there is an unfair business deal. Considering this we at Select Agency offer commercial liability insurance for landscapers and commercial liability for lawn care companies.

Our insurance portfolio

We offer a wide range of insurance to lawn care companies which include,

  • Property damage insurance
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Identity theft protection
  • Forgery protection
  • Company vehicle insurance
  • Professional liability
  • Inventory loss
  • Theft
  • Business liability
  • Others

Our agents are highly skilled and experienced and thus can help to choose the insurance type that best suits your needs and also explain to you about the benefits of each and how they can protect your business. These business liability plans will help in protecting you as well as your organizations from lawsuits that can be essential for keeping your company afloat. The cost of an attorney can add up quickly, which will ultimately result in bankruptcy in the absence of an adequate protection. In fact the amount related to your insurance coverage that you should avail rests on your affordability. Check the different plans and compare its prices. Besides, you will also want protection when it comes to your equipment if it is damaged, stolen or lost. Having it insured will save you a great deal over the years that you conduct your business. To know more call our experts today.