Liability insurance lawn care business from a specialist agency

Liability insurance lawn care business from a specialist agency


One of the biggest risks a landscaper faces is that of 3rd party claims. That is why liability insurance lawn care business is an important financial strategy to help protect your business when things go wrong.  And in the landscaping and lawn care business there are many things that can go wrong.


As a landscaper, you have vehicles on the road and you use specialised and sometime dangerous equipment. Having vehicles on the road carries its own risks. You need vehicles to drive from property to property, from office to customers, from office to suppliers and so on.  A road accident can have serious financial consequences.  It can result in third party liability claims, worker compensation claims, property damage, business interruption and related loss of income.


Since vehicles are an important asset in a landscaping business you need customized commercial auto insurance. This type of insurance will cover vehicles such as pickup trucks, dump trucks vans, trailers and more. Not only will custom auto insurance cover your liabilities but also your assets and property.


Auto liability insurance lawn care business should be a key part of your commercial insurance. Apart from road accidents, landscaping accidents can also result in injury, damage and loss. Property damage includes 3rd party damages as well as your own. However, liability insurance will only cover third parties. You need specific insurance to cover your own damages.

You need a landscaping insurance package that includes liability insurance lawn care business, property insurance, worker’s compensation, personal injury protection and business interruption insurance. That is the type of insurance you will get from the Select Agency. They specialise in landscaper’s insurance and liability insurance lawn care business. They will connect you with right plan from an appropriate carrier.