lawn business insurance, lawn care liability insurance

Lawn business insurance to cover your real risks

A lawn care business as specific and real risks and it make sense to protect your financial interests should any of these risks decide to pay a visit. The Select Agency specializes in lawn business insurance and they can help you with the right coverage and plans.

The first important thing you need to protect yourself against is claims or lawsuits from disgruntled or unhappy customers. This type of insurance is called liability insurance and will cover you in the event of 3rd party claims. Third party claims can be massive and crippling so it’s not worth the risk of not having 3rd party insurance. In the same light, you might face professional indemnity claims and indemnity cover can protect you against professional liability claims.

Another important component of lawn business insurance is commercial auto. You are on the road a lot and the risk of a road accident is real. You need to cover your vehicles against collision damage and theft. Your workers often do dangerous work and accidents can and do happen. Workmen compensation is an important part of any business insurance where workers are involved. There are also legal requirements when it comes to auto insurance and workmen comp.

Your lawn business insurance should also include equipment insurance. If you own commercial premises, then property insurance is essential.

When you way the risks, you will see that business insurance is not expensive. Still you don’t want to pay more than you should. That is why it’s good to get different quotes and to consult with an insurance specialist. An independent agent will get quotes from different carriers and help you find the right lawn business insurance. Insurance is a competitive business and your agent can help you find the best deal.

Once you have the right business insurance you should set it to renew automatically. The last thing you want is a situation where you forget to renew and you lose your coverage.