Wildlife control insurance for your pest control business

Wildlife control insurance for pest control professionals

A wildlife and pest control business faces numerous risks and having appropriate insurance to cover these unique risks makes financial sense. Wildlife control insurance is just that type of insurance and is available from the Select Insurance Agency. When you need proper financial protection against liability claims related to your pest control business then you need wildlife control insurance.

A wildlife control insurance policy should cover a number of risk areas including general liability, errors & omissions, exterminator’s liability, umbrella coverage, pollution coverage, pest inspection damage coverage as well as general business coverage.

If you provide one or more of the following services, you need wildlife control insurance.

  • Pest control
  • Critter removal
  • Pest inspection
  • Commercial pest treatment
  • Residential pest treatments
  • Wildlife removal

As a pest control professional you need to work with chemicals, apply special treatments such as fogging, use bait stations, apply spot treatments, apply lawn treatments, close entry points and so on. All these actions carry risks and the risk of damages, claims and losses are real.

In addition, as a business owner you should also have general business insurance coverage that includes property insurance, mobile equipment insurance, business owner’s insurance, workmen’s compensation, commercial auto, professional indemnity.

When looking for wildlife control insurance you want to deal with an agent that has experience and knowledge in the pest control niche. Here one tends to thinks of family owned and operated agency such as Select Insurance that has decades of experience in the pest control business. They understand the risks and the requirements of the various professionals in this challenging field.

They will find the right wildlife control insurance coverage for you and your business. This way you can have peace of mind that your business you have worked at so long and so hard is financially protected against certain every day risks as well as industry specific risks.