Landscaping insurance and lawn care business insurance 

There are many aspects to landscaping insurance

Landscaping has its own unique risks and hence its own insurance solutions. Select Agency can help with affordable and effective landscaping insurance. First and foremost, landscaping insurance will cover your liabilities. Accidents can happen and often do happen in landscaping work. If in the line of your work your company accidently or negligently causes damage to a client’s property, you will be covered for claims related to such damages. If one of your workers gets injured there will also be financial consequences.

As a landscaper you need to travel from property to property, from one location to another. This means your vehicles are on the road a lot. For that you need adequate commercial auto insurance. In addition, you cart valuable equipment around and it makes sense to insure your equipment, tools and moveable items as well. You also need to cover your workers and employees with adequate workmen’s compensation.

Like any other business you face the possibility of business interruption. Business interruption means loss of income. You will want to protect your financial interests in the event that circumstances beyond your control result in serious business interruption.

As a landscaper you will likely need some form of surety insurance similar to builder’s insurance. This adds to your credibility and also protects you, your sub-contractors and your customers in the event that you are unable to complete a specific project.

Since you assume the role of a professional it makes sense to consider professional indemnity insurance. There are many things that can go wrong and the possibility of being sued in a professional capacity is always a risk. Other than that, normal coverage in the event of a fire, theft and other general risks should be included in your commercial insurance.

In short landscaping insurance will protect your business for specific and general risks that you face on a daily basis.