Commercial liability insurance for landscapers

The importance of commercial liability insurance for landscapers

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If you are dealing with a business related to lawn care or are planning to start it, then you will require the basic business insurance plans for guarding against errors, accidental property damage along with lawsuits as well as worker’s compensation insurance should you employ more individuals than merely yourself. In fact, this will be a vital aspect to formulate your business plan because it will provide your customers the peace of mind learning that they will definitely be compensated should you cause loss or damage unwittingly to their land or should they feel that there is an unfair business deal. Considering this we at Select Agency offer commercial liability insurance for landscapers and commercial liability for lawn care companies.

Our insurance portfolio

We offer a wide range of insurance to lawn care companies which include,

  • Property damage insurance
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Identity theft protection
  • Forgery protection
  • Company vehicle insurance
  • Professional liability
  • Inventory loss
  • Theft
  • Business liability
  • Others

Our agents are highly skilled and experienced and thus can help to choose the insurance type that best suits your needs and also explain to you about the benefits of each and how they can protect your business. These business liability plans will help in protecting you as well as your organizations from lawsuits that can be essential for keeping your company afloat. The cost of an attorney can add up quickly, which will ultimately result in bankruptcy in the absence of an adequate protection. In fact the amount related to your insurance coverage that you should avail rests on your affordability. Check the different plans and compare its prices. Besides, you will also want protection when it comes to your equipment if it is damaged, stolen or lost. Having it insured will save you a great deal over the years that you conduct your business. To know more call our experts today.