Lawn care business liability insurance protects your financial interests in the event of a liability claim


If you own or run lawn care and landscaping business you face unique risks and a single incident or mishap could result in crippling financial claims. That is why lawn care insurance should an important part of the risk management of any lawn care professional. The work of a lawn care professional involves members of the community. These are residential home owners as well as corporate companies that rely on you to create beautiful and inviting outdoor spaces, gardens and exteriors.


When you travel a lot and deal with people all the time you always have some risks. Lawn care business insurance as well as landscaper’s business insurance can shield you and protect your financial interests in the event of liability claims. A lawsuit is something you don’t want, irrespective of whether you win or lose. A lawsuit takes valuable time and creates a great deal of stress – these are things you would rather do without.


Liability insurance is the cornerstone of lawn care business insurance. Unfortunately, in life accidents and even freak accidents happen. That is why general liability insurance is very important in any business but especially in lawn care and landscaping. The nature of lawn care demands a lot of driving from place to place and working with heavy duty equipment. Since you work outside your own property you face greater risk of damage to some else’s property or person.


Let’s say for example you or one of your workers accidently knocks over and damages a valuable statue or some other item belonging to a customer, you have a liability problem. Or if your vehicles accidently runs over a customer’s pet, you have a liability problem.


There are many possible scenarios and for a few dollars a month you can cover yourself and your business in the event that something unexpected and unwanted happens.