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Lawn care business liability insurance protects your financial interests in the event of a liability claim


If you own or run lawn care and landscaping business you face unique risks and a single incident or mishap could result in crippling financial claims. That is why lawn care insurance should an important part of the risk management of any lawn care professional. The work of a lawn care professional involves members of the community. These are residential home owners as well as corporate companies that rely on you to create beautiful and inviting outdoor spaces, gardens and exteriors.


When you travel a lot and deal with people all the time you always have some risks. Lawn care business insurance as well as landscaper’s business insurance can shield you and protect your financial interests in the event of liability claims. A lawsuit is something you don’t want, irrespective of whether you win or lose. A lawsuit takes valuable time and creates a great deal of stress – these are things you would rather do without.


Liability insurance is the cornerstone of lawn care business insurance. Unfortunately, in life accidents and even freak accidents happen. That is why general liability insurance is very important in any business but especially in lawn care and landscaping. The nature of lawn care demands a lot of driving from place to place and working with heavy duty equipment. Since you work outside your own property you face greater risk of damage to some else’s property or person.


Let’s say for example you or one of your workers accidently knocks over and damages a valuable statue or some other item belonging to a customer, you have a liability problem. Or if your vehicles accidently runs over a customer’s pet, you have a liability problem.


There are many possible scenarios and for a few dollars a month you can cover yourself and your business in the event that something unexpected and unwanted happens.

Landscaper package insurance to cover your unique business risks

As a landscaper you face unique risks and as such you need special insurance and does not get more special than the landscaper package insurance from Select Agency. As a professional landscaper you are exposed to risks and perils that can result in crippling liability claims and protracted law suits and that is the last thing you need or want.  A landscaper package insurance will cover you in the event of claims and losses related to your business. Landscapers are exposed to various types of risk every day they’re in business. Landscaping accidents can cause injuries or property damage that could lead to lawsuits and financial loss. Adequate landscaping insurance can protect your business from these types of situations.


First of all, there is always the risk of liability claims and liability cover is an important component of landscaper insurance. You will also want to cover your expensive equipment and tools and that why is equipment insurance is an important component of your landscaper package insurance. As a landscaper you employ workers who sometimes have to tackle dangerous tasks. Should one of your employees get injured on the job you will need to have the workmen’s compensation insurance in place.


Lawn care is an important aspect of a landscapers work and there is always the chance that something will go wrong and a client’s beautiful lawn is damaged or ruined. Lawn insurance will come to rescue should that happen. As a landscaper you will operate one or more vehicle and it follows that proper commercial auto insurance should be a part of your policy and cover.


When looking for a landscaper package insurance you should deal with an accredited and reputable agency that has direct connections with insurance carriers that specialize in the landscaping business. That way you will get a reliable and affordable landscaper package insurance.

Interesting facts about insurance pest control

Your search for the best company that offers insurance for pest control will come to an end with us. We at Select Agency offer the widest range of insurance pest control covers and have been offering these services for a good number of years now. Our company is certified and bonded which means joining hands with us will be a wise decision. We offer these solutions to existing constructs and buildings.

The Select Agency Difference

  • Experience- We have fully trained as well as accredited service staffs
  • Trusted brands- proven and tested brands which are environmentally friendly and effective
  • Stringent and safe working methods- we are aware regarding the wildlife, environment and the personal safety when it comes to our customers and technicians
  • Guaranteed outcomes- with us you can experience guaranteed results
  • Fully insured and licensed
  • Reliability- we offer dedicated and on-time services 24/7
  • Reporting and documentation- the team in our company will offer accurate inspection as well as treat reports and site specific documentation especially for auditing needs

We at Select Agency provide a wide array of termite and pest solutions and from commercial services that range from property and government management, industrial, aged care, hospitality and food manufacturing. Besides we also offer termite and pest management solutions along with pre-construction pest prevention solutions. With us there is no compromise in quality and our prices are indeed affordable. We appreciate that you are busy hence we turn up always on time for our bookings. Only on rare occasions if we need to delay we will definitely call and inform you beforehand. To us, our clients are a name and never a number and we deliver expert pest control solutions as per your needs. If you need advice or have any concerns do let us know.

Pest Control Insurance for exterminators

Are you looking for a company that offers insurance for exterminators then look no further. We at Select Agency are the right choice for you. We offer specialized pest control insurance for different forms of exterminators. The best part is our insurance solutions are advanced and for the current day pest control operations. The programs that we offer can cater the complicated insurance coverage needs of the pest control operations via our insurance package for exterminators. The insurance staff in our company are highly professional and skilled and leave no stone unturned to ensure that their insurance plans for their pest control clients at all times is on target as well as in line with the budget of their pest control clients. We offer an all-inclusive range of insurance plans.

Why choose us?

By choosing us you can avail the following services namely,

  • Professional and general liability for all forms of pest control operations
  • Equipment and commercial property coverage
  • Umbrella and excess coverage if the need be
  • Business automobile plans for different pest control operations
  • Dishonesty bonding of third party for the pest control business
  • Workers’ compensation

Our insurance services for exterminators is quite nominal. So if you are on the lookout for pest control insurance, then we are the right choice for you. It is our aim to offer you with the widest accessible insurance plans and at an affordable premium. If you need more information regarding our insurance plans and services, please feel free to contact us at a time that suits you best. We are available round the clock. Above all when you call us you can speak to our customer care expert and not an automated machine. So henceforth if you need pest control insurance you know whom to contact right?